Miss Angelina presents "Sorta Rican", a one-woman show

that's a mix of her original music with stand-up comedy and Latin dancing. ¡Ay Dio mío!

Sorta Rican is Miss Angelina's story of finding her identity. After all, she is not your typical Latina. As the only Puerto Rican in the suburbs, her friends are all White, and her Spanish? - no bueno. She finds her people in NYC, but she's not tough like the Nuyoricans on the block. She gives Miami life a shot, but she doesn't wear enough make-up or heels to be a sexy mamacita. And when she moves to Puerto Rico, she's too Americanized to be a real Boricua. But she always has her one true love - music. From Hip Hop, to Salsa, to Bomba, Angelina uses music in each step of her journey as a way to connect to her culture and her people. As she raps, sings and dances her way into their hearts, an eccentric cast of characters each show Angelina a different dynamic of what it means to be Latina.


Miss Angelina has been touring Sorta Rican around the country with performances including Broadway Comedy Club & The Nuyorican Poets Cafe in NYC, the Los Angeles Women's Theater Festival and the iO Theater in LA, the Fort Lauderdale Fringe Festival and Lincoln's Beard in Miami, Montclair University in NJ and the Hard Rock Cafe and Celebrate Puerto Rico in San Juan. Sorta Rican was named a "Favorite Event in Los Angeles" by LAist.com. Stay up to date with future show announcements by liking the Miss Angelina Facebook Fan Page.

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