Miss Angelina presents "Sorta Rican", a one-woman show that's a mix of her

original Hip Hop music with stand-up comedy and Latin dancing. ¡Ay Dio mio!

Sorta Rican is Miss Angelina's autobiographical story as a Puerto Rican girl from Jersey who grows up in White suburbia. After being accused of not being Latina enough, she decides to get in touch with her Latin roots. So gets out of the 'burbs and moves to the hood. In gritty Spanish Harlem NYC, Miss A connects to her culture through music, and makes a name for herself in the local Latin Hip Hop scene. Although she earns her "street cred", she soon realizes she needs to dig deeper and makes her way all the way home to the motherland of Puerto Rico. However, life on the island is not exactly the perfect tropical paradise she imagined, and the disconnect between the US and PR goes deeper than she ever knew. Her journey through cultural identity takes her from Hip Hop to Salsa, from Nuyoricans to Boricuas, from El Barrio to La Isla; as she learns what it really means to be Latina.


She tells her wild story through an eccentric cast of characters, and sings and dances her way through original Hip Hop songs and tropical Latin tunes during this explosive one-woman show that tackles the question, how does your cultural heritage define who you are?

Miss Angelina is currently touring Sorta Rican around the USA. Past venues include The Duplex in New York City, iO West in Los Angeles, and Celebrate Puerto Rico in San Juan, PR. Stay up to date with future show announcements by liking her Facebook Fan Page: http://facebook.com/missangelinamusic/

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