After a childhood spent on the stage and a musical theater degree from Northwestern University, Angelina never felt like she fit into traditional performance roles. So she decided to create her own persona - a blend of Hip Hop style with Latin flare and broad comedy - and Miss Angelina was born. Also known as Miss A, she’s a rapper, singer, comedian and producer who creates her own original content. With a love of travel and culture, she creates wherever she goes, striving to use her voice to unite people from all walks of life through music and entertainment.


In New York City she produced a multicultural web series, "¡GLOBAILE!", hosted by herself and DJ Tony Touch, highlighting music from around the globe. In Miami she released an album on iTunes, with tracks ranging in style from Hip Hop to Afro House to Latin. In Puerto Rico she wrote a one-woman musical comedy show about her cultural identity, “Sorta Rican”, now touring nationwide.  In LA she created "LATINAS", a comedy web series about a family of Latin women from New York. She continues to create new content, to keep up with her latest projects follow her on social media.

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